Dear MTA,

Even though I hate you with a passion, this is not a hate note this is a complaint. I am writing to formally complain about every single thing you do. I find it ridiculous that from where I am in Brooklyn, it takes me an hour and a half to get into a different part of Brooklyn, because I have to ride the stupid train into the city and then back out.

Why? Why isn’t there just a line that connects the last train stop of the A, E, J, 3, L, 2, 5, B, Q, D, F, N? It would be the perfect answer to all of these questions. I know- it costs money… but I believe I am now paying at least $5 a day to ride the train. Yes, I know there are many other things that money goes to. But, what is it? Its still just as filthy down there and nothing seems to be getting better. So how come I can’t just have my extra train line?

If I were to become president of the U.S. my first act would be to take care of the MTA. I would throw all my resources and money at it. I don’t want anything fancy, just trains that ACTUALLY run at least always during the day, and those really necessary extra train lines.

I am no fool. I know the rest of the country would be a mess. But at least I could ride the train back and forth all day long and smile.


This disgruntled customer

I know there are more of me out there, so lets hear what your mta problem is…